Mike Sylvestre
Warning: Seeing Buckethead sweat from his armpits could be misinterpreted as him being human
Death to the guy with the annoying ball
I respect his talent, but man, I think any more than 12 minutes straight of listening to him and Id wanna bash my head in the wall. Its too repetitive I guess. Ill wait for the comments from the children that are deeply, emotionally offended at my subjective opinion. 
Paul Turbo
Excellent camerawork. Well done.
chris frost
Im sorry but @ about 5:34 thats meta matic. Not crash victim. He then finishes meta matic after the embalmer
Thomas Ivan Gallito
The first guy to make DJ-ing a guitar possible
Jee-Em En
Hes fantastic but wheres the rest of the band?
Please the name of the first song
Ryan Adkins
Is that a song hes playing at the very beginning? Or is he just jamming?
Jose Curiel
Lol at the insulting bold comments by non-guitarists, its like a child explaining life to their parents. You know nothing, sit down.
60 fps... MA LAWD IS DAT GUD!
Dun Dun
whats under the bucket?
Joseph Bernard
"One cannot simply be told what the Buckethead is..."
226 people need to get beaten with Bucketheads nunchuks
His name is Brain Carrol he wears a mask because he has stage fright.
Marco Sánchez
Watch this in HD, let your socks rock out of excitement.
fucking love the way he pushes his guitar down and robot dances everywhere. this guy is a character for sure
Guitardo Songs
No band with him? Weird.
Neil St
what are the red things on his guitar? obviously they affect the tone but what are they?
Diego Mata
does anybody know what the intro song with the piano at the very beginning is called?
Ray Snut
I wonder if he gets free KFC?
Red Sword
Damn that opening riff is so cool. What is the name of the first song?
guy is very good live.