Travis Hunt
what kind of camera is that holy shit
I respect his talent, but man, I think any more than 12 minutes straight of listening to him and Id wanna bash my head in the wall. Its too repetitive I guess. Ill wait for the comments from the children that are deeply, emotionally offended at my subjective opinion. 
226 people need to get beaten with Bucketheads nunchuks
Excellent camerawork. Well done.
That guy holding the red ball, someone cut off his hand, please.
Ryan Adkins
Is that a song hes playing at the very beginning? Or is he just jamming?
chris frost
Im sorry but @ about 5:34 thats meta matic. Not crash victim. He then finishes meta matic after the embalmer
Anthony Riffle
Absolutely the best, most technical guitarist on earth right now
Jacob L
That part at around 8:40, too intense
he is crazy good on guitar.
Not my thing - but total Musical Genius. 
Mike Sylvestre
Warning: Seeing Buckethead sweat from his armpits could be misinterpreted as him being human
Alejandro Ruiz
he can sweat!
Ray Snut
I wonder if he gets free KFC?
Thomas Ivan Gallito
The first guy to make DJ-ing a guitar possible
I get the mask and the bucket, but why perform a concert in pajamas?
Logan Prosperie
The button is a killswitch. It kills the signal the guitar sends to the amp when pressed and held down. He is not Paul Gilbert. Gilbert was just one of Bucketheads teachers. His name is Brian Carrol. The first song played is Night Of The Slunk. He is so famous because of his ability to play pretty much every style of guitar from blues, to jazz, to country, to pure shred. And when he does shred, its extremely technical. Why the mask and bucket? Its a stage character. Its complicated why he wears it, but my guess is to be original and unique. Who else has a completely separate identity who is famous for guitar playing? Why do people listen to this? Why do you listen to what you listen to? You enjoy it, right? Exactly. There, i just answered 95% of everyones questions that have constantly been asked over and over on this video. You can stop asking now. All of these have been answered about 200 times. 
You lucky bastard!!!!! Good post!!! Death to red balls!!! 
Joseph Bernard
"One cannot simply be told what the Buckethead is..."
For someone who can do so much with the guitar and has mastered it all, Im surprised he doesnt use a guitar with a floyd rose.
Marco Sánchez
Watch this in HD, let your socks rock out of excitement.
fucking love the way he pushes his guitar down and robot dances everywhere. this guy is a character for sure
Marco Di Stasio
Buckethead - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance 1080P/60 [1/2]
Phat Jesus
Anyone who goes to a buckethead show are lucky bastards