Buckethead - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance 1080P/60 [1/2]

Please the name of the first song
I wonder if he is autistic or something. Maybe thats why he wears the mask. He doesnt want to deal with the fame that comes with being so talented. 
Neil St
what are the red things on his guitar? obviously they affect the tone but what are they?
Marco Di Stasio
Buckethead - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance 1080P/60 [1/2]
Mike Sylvestre
Warning: Seeing Buckethead sweat from his armpits could be misinterpreted as him being human
john jones
Great skill, but lacking emotion :< Whats to stop a copycat performing from one day to the next. Buckethead is just a name, it could be anyone behind the mask in the 20 years of playing. That said, I do like some creative and practical aspects of his songs.
Very talented! I gotta say that watching him is kinda like watching the child of Michael Jackson & Slash. 
It was hard to cum to this.
Orion Black
Whats the bit he plays at 7:11? Sounds familiar
janina lopez
I find this man so Dam sexy!!!!... <3 ..great performance! ..
720 -.-
Not my thing - but total Musical Genius. 
This is one of the greatest guitar solo performance of all time. This guy is defenetly one of the top ten guitar player of all time
Can somebody tell me what hes doing at the beginning? is he picking or pushing some kind of button?
Pedro Araujo
What is the name of the fisrt song that he play?
The most innovative man in guitar
204 retards.The man is obviously a genius and so damn funny stoopids cant see it hahaha
dc dcd
stunning performance
Milford Cubicle
Whats the red dot that he keeps tapping? Ive never seen that before.
Lighthouse Lasihevonen
As I Am
Dont really care for his antics, but he is a great guitar player. Trying to put a spin on an overdone era. I understand that. He is a great player.
John Lain
Definition of talent right here