inner soul
Well done porkis,going back to your roots
Chandra Kumar
This is a tight slap on all muslims of india who opposes Yoga day on 21 june
.......people who comment here .......plz dont put ....any mean remarks.......i m from india.....found yogi wajahat ....really inspiring........and people who think that he is not as good as baba ramdev ......perfection needs a life time there is no hurry.........only thing is your ......direction should be right..........yogi wajahat can be the torch bearer of yoga in pakistan .......where energies of youth need to be diverted in creative things.....may god bless him with all the strenghth and capability of changing his society......
amit patil
kudos yogi wajahat
بھی وجاہت بہت اچّحہٰ لگا آپکا پروگرام دیکھ کر
Manoj Rattan
wajahat ji have u written some book on yoga in urdu ireally enjoyed ur explanation of yoga in urdu. as iknow urdu .selection of words was excellent.
kaipulla vvsangam
Pathanjali one among 18 siddhars of tamil saivam tradition from tamilnadu , Pathanjali yoga suthram was written by him later called as sudra by Aryans and hijacked his works in to Sanskrit!
sunil choudhary
To know yoga one must read Patanjali Yogsutras. This fellow although not an expert as Baba Ramdev but as claimed by him, it seems he has got benefit of yoga.Tantra is not yoga,it is completely different school of practice. 
Jo Black
yoga means "chita vriti nirodha yogah". this expert is half cooked. Do not do yoga alone without proper instruction. i am a Sanskrit student. i have read the original text. this expert has included yoga with Ayurveda. it is not perfect way to learn yoga. take admission under yoga institute and learn methodically to get the result.
Vikram Patil
Somehow i ended up on this video and felt so blessed after listening it. Yogi Wajahat is really inspirational and what he talked is all seems to be based on his experience & someone nicely said, learn from others experiences. - Cool...
Raj Katoch
Many muslims in India do yoga because they have seen the result. We dont force muslims to recite OM. They do in various parks, gardens with their crotia cap on head. They are not doing under force as no one can force them, India is not a dictator country or Islamic country. It is the only country where jews are safe muslims are growing, unlike Pakistan where they are converting hindus to Islam.
Raj Katoch
Problem with pakistanis when they are in US, Canada, they write on their shops restaurant, Indo Pak restaurant. When they are questioned in US who are you by public, they say we are Indians. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO LEAVE IT.
malik m
Better not to do yoga ever as it has some side effects which neither yogis know nor do the ones who know tell. One can go crazy as well. 
AK India
Yogi Wajahat is full of life 
Rahul Wadhwa
True religion is Hinduism which gave yoga, ayurveda, trignometry, science, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and spiritual science and love to the mankind but never even asked for the credit. AND WHAT ISLAM GAVE TO THE WORLD..?????
Telugu Babu
Today these guys do Yoga and tomorrow they claim that this process came from deserts of Arabia which India has captured illegally.One more Farah,if you compare Yoga with NLP,,these are just analytical and relaxation techniques and not full fledged and advanced as Yoga.
sami82khovhkhe .
Soomit Saadhak
@restrictedkhan yes dear its true
@MrSaturmin it is just like tasawuf in islam !
Hoor Azami
Many thanks for uploading this useful video. I am a fan of Wajahat bhais program that is aired on Indus TV but because of the timings, I am unable to watch it daily. I would be really grateful if you could encourage him to post some more of his videos. His wonderful composure is extremely inspiring. Hats off to him. Great work.
Kensky Schulz
many thanks for uploading this show.
Pakistani women are more modern than any south Asian women
great look farah and great work
thanx !!!! zagham for uploading this informative episode