zakiah tukes
So whats the ingredients?
The site I viewed only has 4 items to purchase. Where are the other products? Or are there any more?
Jasmine White
How long do you have to go without relaxing in order to use this
i was feeling that way too... now 2 and half years into it, i would NEVER go back... there are lovely tutorials all over youtube :)
alisha king
If you are transitioning, you would apply the cuticle alignment treatment as often as you like until you get your hair to soft and moisturize. Remember this not a chemical and if you use the maintanence products that go with it your hair will feel amazing. I have been using the system for three years amzing results. I have more videos of some creative hairsyles coming soon.
Are u sure this product does not have any chemicals? Have u researched the ingredients? The only thing that alters your hair texture besides heat are chemicals.
i wanted to know will the thermal system change your natural hair color to brown like a relaxer would over time? i am eight months post relaxed and i was thinking about using this system as long as it let me stay natural
Where can this product be purchased?
alisha king
@f1ndp3ac3 Yes, We are located in West Little Rock Area. LOIS and RAYs Beauty Salon in Breckenridge Village. You can call and schedule a consultation and appointment 501-217-0900 You can ask for Alisha or Lois.... Also check out hairthermalizer website
I wish I would have saw this video before I did my big chop. now I dont know what to do with this short fro that is growing every which way!!!
alisha king
alisha king
The Hair Thermalizer System does not change or alter the integrity of your hair. It only enhances your natural wave, curl, or coil pattern. When using the entire Thermalizer system on your hair. You will get awesome results; Shine, Moisture and Manageability.
Do you have to reply the products to your hair each and every time you wash your hair? And what salons use these products? I live in New Jersey, Ive heard salons using the CHI systems but nothing like this...any help would be nice. Thanks.
Valery Pierre
how often do u use this product? every wash? every month?
Kesiwaa Ann Nebblett
you can buy texture softeners at walmart where the perms are. its a kids product.
alisha king
@umbpolice1733 You can purchase The Hair Thermalizer System @ hairthermalizer/store We have Holiday Specials while supplies last!